The Perfect Client

Really, what we are all looking for, whether agency or client, is a perfect fit.

Recently a prospective client asked Creative Department what we look for in a client? We actually had the answer. Because after 28 years, you think about things like that a lot.

 The Perfect Client:

  • Develops a desirable product – The work is always better when we believe in the product.
  • Teams with us upfront – We always find when we have a seat at the table with our clients it sets us up for success. This teamwork makes the creative product stronger.
  • Sets clear expectations – From defining the budget, to clarifying the desired ROI, clear expectations set the course for great deliverables and a great working relationship.
  • Demands creative solutions – We look at every brand as an opportunity to build something bigger. When you demand creative solutions, we look for new and unique ways to deliver the best solutions.
  • Resists approval by committee – The sudden death of a powerful creative idea is usually approval by committee.
  • Takes calculated risks – We encourage creativity, knowing it comes with a certain amount of risk. Our goal is to help your brand stand out in the sea of sameness.
  • Celebrates results – When our creative makes our clients shine it ultimately makes us shine too. That’s something to celebrate.

When we’re in synch with a client on these points, we’re usually wildly successful. But this isn’t only about our “perfection” criteria; there’s an evaluation that must occur from the client side, too. We recommend that you choose your next agency based on the following factors.

The Perfect Agency:

  • Respects the power of the consumer – Creative Department uncovers the consumer truths as the basis of a strong marketing campaign.
  • Teams with you seamlessly – We champion your brand management and help you gain alignment with internal stakeholders and partners at every stage. Never underestimate the strength of an agency’s listening skills and the communication tools they use.
  • Provides clear strategic vision – With a holistic understanding of your target that’s revealed through the Discovery process, we create a plan to reach the target audience(s) with the right message, at the right time and on the right platform. This strategic vision is key to the success of the work.
  • Sets and exceeds expectations – Our Creative Brief details objectives, communication priorities and core insights to guide conceptual development and execution. Our focus: Make certain your brand rises above the cluttered marketplace
  • Cuts through the clutter – There is a human approach to everything we do. Because we believe that the brands that connect on a human level are the ones that build relationships with their customers and do cut through the clutter.
  • Fuels brand passion in any medium – Digital media channels have completely shifted the balance of power from brands to consumers. As more and more messages bombard those we are trying to reach, the new challenge is to make connections. We believe in the power of Simple Connections in a Complex World.
  • Celebrates results – We’re driven by our desire to help our clients succeed because we’re obsessed with results. Then we celebrate.

Really, what we’re all looking for, whether agency or client, is a perfect fit. A relationship shared on honesty and trust, where both partners understand and respect the goals and aspirations of the other.

Driven by the thought that yesterday’s brilliance is already getting stale – time to make more. This kind of thought doesn’t just happen. It starts with a great attitude and a driven team. Let us if when you are ready to get started working on that new project, and we will make sure we are the perfect fit.