Creative Department celebrates the “news.”

New address, new website, new clients: the past six months have been particularly active at Creative Department. Let’s take them in order.

We moved into our new office space in January. The address is 532 Reading Road, just two blocks from our original space on Sycamore. Our new space was designed in partnership with Urban Sites and built with an eye toward environmental responsibility. For example, our new space takes advantage of an abundance of natural light, eliminating much of the need for additional light sources. It’s also allowed us to add more live plants, including a plant wall in our front conference room (boosting spirits a bit even in the dead of winter). For the ultimate in abundant light, there’s our roof-top deck – perfect for blue-sky thinking and open-air lunches and happy hours.

But if you know anything about Creative Department, you know that we’ve always been an energetic agency. So, while the new office was being designed and constructed, we created a brand-new agency website. We tore our old site down to the bones, rethought everything, and built from scratch.

The new site celebrates our work – for clients such as the Cincinnati Zoo, the Lindner Center of Hope, Sibcy Cline – as well as some of our most successful campaigns from the past. These case studies demonstrate how we provide clients with simple ideas for a complex world, which is the foundation of the CD brand.

Our site also includes a new blog format, called “Sphere,” where we share ideas and inspirations that help make us a better agency, and better people.

Finally, in the past six months we’ve added five new clients to our roster, from healthcare and finance to AI technology and consumer packaged goods. These clients have allowed us to stretch our creative skills and show our clients ideas they had never considered for their brands.

If you’d like to know more about how we can use our expertise to help you grow your business, give Lauren Anderson a call. 513-434-8552.

We’d love to make the next “new” about you.


Celebrating the launch of our new website on the roof: