A brand built around its unique cöre essence.


Yagööt is a brand as distinct as its name. Busken Bakery took a forgotten recipe for tangy frozen yogurt from the ‘70’s and opened a small chain of retail locations. They had a great product that was truly different from the competition. All they needed was a brand.


For the initial store launch, we created a look and feel that was as colorful, fresh and inviting as the product itself. We touched every part of the brand including equity, web, digital, print, signage, and employee uniforms. We even designed the store interior.

We also used a voice that was fun and simple. Yagööt is one of only a few treats that can still boast healthy aspects, so communication was a balancing act of wit and education.

To reach Yagööt’s primary target (teen and young-adult females), we even created a loyal consumer base of “Yagrööpies” – email subscribers who got the chance to be the first to try new flavors and receive special offers.

The result? Pretty soon the whole town was buzzing about Yagööt. Visits surpassed all expectations and sales exceeded projections by 200% in the first year. Pretty cööl.