Every building has the power to change the world.


Website Refresh

Creating new energy for a global leader.

CHALLENGE: Redesign the website and add an e-commerce element for Melink Corporation, an industry-leading provider of clean energy solutions for commercial buildings. Elevate and simplify the design, navigation and messaging, empowering customers to institute sustainable changes with ease.

IDEA: Every building has the power to change the world. Starting with the design and operation of their facilities, businesses can make the changes that can reshape the future of the planet. Work with Melink and tomorrow’s transformation begins today.

STORY: For over 30 years, Melink has challenged the conventions of traditional energy technologies. It’s how they’ve become a global leader. Even more compellingly, they’ve led by example. Their own green buildings and Net Zero campus have served as a model to the world, proving that companies can lower carbon emissions while increasing building values and raising profitability.

Melink’s ideas and passion appear boundless – if their teams could harness their own energy, they could power the world. The only thing missing? A website that lived up to their story. That’s where Creative Departme­nt came in.

Melink’s energy solutions include There serve multiple audiences, so a primary objective was to create an overarching concept big enough to be empowering but was still audience-agnostic. With energy efficiency as the underpin across all verticals, we landed on “Every building has the power to change the world.”

We tailored the content for each audience to speak to their specific pain points. Headlines on primary pages consisted of a single, powerful verb conveying the product or service’s main benefit to the customer, with brief supporting copy. Bold, dynamic images complemented the headlines, injecting energy throughout.

In addition to the big idea and more pointed content, smoother navigation was a priority. Previously siloed by business unit, there was no direct way to navigate to another unit or clear understanding of how they work together.

To optimize sales for their PositiV HVAC Monitor, we added eCommerce functionality. For the first time ever, Melink was also looking to sell key products online. Starting with a building health monitor, CD built out an eCommerce experience. We helped Mlink explore fulfillment, tax services, shipping details and more to grow their business with online sales.

The mission of this extraordinary company is to change the world one building at a time. Their new website combined with their team’s continued commitment to clean energy, is fueling an even stronger future for Melink as well as the planet.

Single-word headlines on primary pages clearly convey main product/service benefits. Copy targets the unique customer pain points for each vertical.

We designed an eye-catching icon system to add interest and engagement to bulleted details.

The leaf graphic, drawing inspiration from the logo, showcases relevant images.

We built a custom e-commerce experience to help the client sell one of their products online for the first time, expanding their reach and revenue potential.