The perfect fit for a struggling brand.


Over the years, competitive fitness operations have come and gone. FITWORKS, an exercise and fitness gym with multiple locations throughout Northern Kentucky and Ohio was in a fight against newer, sleeker, cheaper fitness chains. How could they compete with that? They needed real transformation, inside and out.


We set out to unify their brand and messaging system-wide, and strengthen the core of what they do and why.

We started with the concept at the heart of FITWORKS equity: “fitness works”. We created the tagline, “Do what works”, a simple, clear call to action. Do what works to look better, to feel better, to live a healthier life. But the path is different for everyone – so FITWORKS helps you choose the program that’s best for you: your “custom fit”.

These elements came alive in our campaign. Desaturating the color in the images pushed the energy of the experience for a serious edge, while the headlines kept it lighter and more personal. Everyone, anyone can find a personalized way to love what works at FITWORKS.

We also took FITWORKS employees through the exercise of truly examining their “why”, using it as a compass for a robust employee guide detailing the new brand and the thinking behind it, and stirring them to rally behind it.

“Do what works”. It’s simple. It points to the name. It points to what they’re about.

Quite simply, it works.