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Creating a bluer planet.

CHALLENGE: Cohen Recycling needed a fresh identity and launch materials for their newly restructured division specializing in e-scrap recycling and data security management – formerly known as Cohen Electronics.

IDEA: Transform Cohen Electronics into Cobalt with a call for people to come together to create a “bluer” planet – one that’s made more secure, healthy and beautiful through Cobalt’s expertise.

STORY: E-scrap recycling is a big deal. And as technology continues to turn over at a breakneck pace, safe, secure and effective e-scrap recycling solutions are critical. E-waste accounts for 70% of the toxins entering landfills and it requires verifiable processing by certified recyclers to protect human health and the environment.

Already a leading name in scrap metal recycling and management, Cohen Electronics was perfectly positioned to become an industry leader in e-scrap recycling as well.

But how do you get people to understand the effects of e-waste on the world – not to mention the risk to private data – when it’s hard enough just to get them to go green?

You get them to go blue.

We were inspired by the Cohen brand color itself – cobalt, electric hue of blue. The name signifies energy and strength, while the “Co” in the name further aligns it with “Cohen”. And cobalt blue serves as the foundation for the new visual identity along with natural shades of green.

Visually, the green to blue gradient of the new logo conveys environmental responsibility. The shape of the logo was inspired by the hexagonal “C” in the existing Cohen logo, creating additional corporate symmetry. The lines in the logo suggest pathways on printed circuit boards (electronics), and the way they connect and flow resemble the traditional “recycling” symbol of three arrows flowing into one another.

Foundational messaging centered around creating a “bluer planet”, suggesting bluer skies, bluer waters, and Cobalt’s expertise.

Creative Department also developed launch party materials – the invitation, facility banners, posters, t-shirts, tumblers, and swag bags. The event was attended by community leaders, members of the press and Cohen/Cobalt employees and their families.

The new name and brand succeeded in re-energizing the division. Cobalt’s reach has spread nationwide as they continue to eliminate e-waste disposal risks and ensure that electronics reuse and recycling is done right, every time.

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