Creating a bluer planet.


E-scrap recycling is a big deal. And as technology continues to turn over at a breakneck pace, safe, secure and effective e-scrap recycling solutions are critical.

Already a leading name in scrap metal recycling and management, Cohen Recycling needed a fresh identity for their division specializing in e-scrap recycling and data security management – formerly known as Cohen Electronics. But how do you get people to understand the effects of e-waste on the world – not to mention the risk to private data – when it’s hard enough just to get them to go green? You get them to go blue.


We transformed Cohen Electronics into Cobalt. The name itself signifies an electric hue of blue, which serves as the foundation for the visual identity along with natural shades of green. The new name and brand re-energized the division with messaging built on the idea that we should all come together to create a “bluer” planet – one that’s made more secure, healthy and beautiful through Cobalt’s expertise.