Answering the call for Clermont County Veterans.

Clermont County Vets


A website that serves those who served.

CHALLENGE: Elevate the design, messaging, and user experience to increase awareness for the services Clermont County Veterans Services Commission provides. The goal was to encourage more veterans, primarily younger veterans, to take advantage of their invaluable assistance.

IDEA: Tap into the visual power of military iconography and the impact of authentic veteran stories to celebrate vets and convey that CCVSC is here to proudly serve them.

STORY: CCVSC is an all-veteran team of professionals working toward the same goal: providing Clermont County’s veterans with the support they need to not just to survive but thrive. They offer free assistance to Clermont County veterans and their dependents in applying for the numerous programs and benefits offered by the VA.

Perhaps most importantly, they offer certified claims advocacy for disability claims with the Veterans Administration. Working side by side with the the claimant and their families to navigate the complicated VA system, it is CCVET’s job to find every benefit available to the applicant.

However, the previous CCVSC website itself was difficult to navigate and the commission was struggling to attract vets, especially those in their 20’s. Digitally savvy, these younger vets are comfortable initiating claims on the VA site, yet they are too often denied. Many are unaware of the assistance CCVSC offers.

CCVSC turned to Creative Department to create a new site that would elevate the brand, along with optimizing functionality and UX to truly serve veterans and become a valued, go-to informational resource.

The site we designed both informs visitors and immerse them in the brand’s mission from the start. The main message, “You answered the call. Now it’s our turn.” clearly conveys that CCVSC exists to support Clermont County’s veterans. Compelling interactions between images of veterans and their branch of service visually expresses the reverence for vets CCVSC possesses. Ease of navigation improves the chances they will contact CCVSC for assistance.

On the backend, Creative Department conducted a hosting audit, making recommendations and refinements needed to optimize site speed and support CMS and site traffic – (DID WE MIGRATE TO A NEW HOST?). We also set up admin roles

Response has been strong, with the client reporting an increasing number of contact forms, phone calls and office visits from vets inquiring about their services.

A core feature of the site is its powerful imagery, paying homage to the contributions of veterans and covering all the branches of US military service.

Authentic testimonials lend credence to the value of CCVSC benefits and add to the site’s balance of emotion and functionality.