Cincinnati Bengals

Claim your place in the Jungle.


Sometimes the toughest competition the Cincinnati Bengals face isn’t on the field. It’s in the homes of fans, sports bars, or anywhere you can catch a game on TV.

But this isn’t golf. This is football. In football, home-field advantage is everything, and it’s defined by decibel levels. So how do we motivate fans and convince them that their home on Sundays is Paul Brown Stadium?


Let’s Roar.

We reminded them that being at the game is an immersive, irreplaceable experience that beats watching at home any time. Captivating TV, outdoor, digital banners and radio spots used “Let’s Roar” as a stop-them-in-their-tracks rallying cry. We kept the same look and feel for their celebratory 50th Anniversary season, incorporating historic stills and footage. The campaigns upped the excitement around every home game, beckoning fans to leave their couches and bar stools – and claim their place in The Jungle.