Paid Search (PPC)

Pay Per Click – or as it has become more commonly known, Google Ads – is a powerful resource for driving high intent traffic to a website. As platforms have evolved, so have our services. Amazon is the elephant that is in the room to stay. As Amazon and other emerging platforms continue to take more market share, our team is there to bolt on.

We look at a range of data inputs to inform PPC, pairing traditional competitive research methods with search, behavior, and analytics. Together, these are powerful and predictive methods for uncovering deep insights into consumer behavior, including consumers’ needs and questions. This ensures our work is grounded in accurate and meaningful insights. It also gives us the criteria we need to evaluate PPC so that we aren’t making decisions based solely on gut reactions.

Our strategy is based on using search queries as windows into user intent. There are three types of search queries: navigational (the consumer wants to find something specific), informational (the consumer is looking for an answer to a question or challenge), and transactional (the consumer is looking to buy). Each reveals consumer intent, which can inform powerful and focused messaging because it provides the language (keywords) that people are actually using when they search.

There are a few we consider standard when it comes to understanding who is engaging with your brand and how: traffic channels, pages visited, bounce rate, demographics (age and gender), device preference, geolocation, and category interests.

How strong are your PPC efforts?

Pay per click campaigns can pay off big. We do our homework to help you strategically and accurately budget for your online media plans.