Haag-Streit USA

Built to Support


Reliance Medical chairs, stools, stands and accessories have long been known for durability, stability, and unmatched quality. But many customers – mainly ophthalmologists and optometrists – were unaware of the company’s solid commitment to manufacturing their products in the U.S.


We created a campaign to celebrate the Reliance “Made in the USA” difference. An inspiring video, landing page, print ads and emails drove home the idea that relying on the American worker and work ethic results in products that are literally and exceptionally built to support patients, yes, but also practices and – by creating U.S. jobs – an entire country.


The campaign caught the attention of one of Reliance Medical’s largest dealer sales groups, providing them, too, with the additional support they need to sell product. Sales continue to grow – proving that Made in America truly does make a difference.