New ads in Indiana champion Common Core standards

Stand for Children, an organization that backs Indiana charter schools, recently launched an advertising campaign to keep the state from abandoning national math and reading standards

The group introduced television and radio ads aimed at lawmakers who oppose Common Core standards, according to News-Sentinel. One of the TV commercials features a  high school teacher in Indianapolis while radio ads that include sound bites from parents began airing earlier this month.

"Our effort is to take no chances," Justin Ohlemiller, Stand for Kids Indiana director, told the newspaper. "We want to see Common Core implemented on time. What we hear is teachers want these standards in their classrooms, parents believe the bar needs to be raised."

The Common Core standards were created by state-level education officials around the country and were adopted by 45 states in 2010. They serve as a guideline for what students should be taught and what they should be able to do based on grade level. First-grade and kindergarten classes in Indiana currently use the standards and all grades are set to adopt them in 2014.

Most recently however, several states, including Indiana, have questioned the standards and have proposed booting them. The Stand for Children ads are aimed at persuading nay-saying lawmakers to change their minds. The organization works in several states and told the newspaper it wants to increase awareness of the standards across the country.