Website provides tools for singles

Love is a powerful thing. When things are going well in a relationship, a person can experience the highest of highs. However, when things turn sour, anger, tears and sorrow typically result, leaving a person distraught and confused.

However, one Cleveland-based website aims to arm the recently single with resources to repair a broken heart.

"The idea for creating came to me after I broke up with my long-time girlfriend," says site founder Keith Curtis.

Curtis adds that he used his web design skills in Photoshop to create the website's signature wrench logo, and that "the site's whole concept came from a combination of my break-up, the logo design, and the urgent need for a new romantic beginning." provides an alternative for people who are unsatisfied dissatisfied with traditional dating sites that give nothing more than dating articles and "carbon copy" lists of online dating advice. Curtis' site provides "action tools" for singles, as well as informative and productive information about dating – both online and off.

A few features on Curtis' dating site includes a "dress for success" fashion page, a fitness advice page, makeover solutions, dieting and nutrition, a section on cosmetic surgery and flirting 101. 

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