Indiana State University business students create marketing initiative

A recent event, called "Sycamores Gone Wild", was held by Indiana State business students with the goal of promoting local businesses to the university's students. Attracting more than 175 students, the marketing campaign was a collaboration between the Sycamore Business Advisors and the college newspaper, the Indiana Statesman.

Indiana State University reports that the process started with business students developing a solid marketing plan, including newspaper advertising and social media such as Facebook and Twitter. The event highlighted not only local restaurants and businesses, but the Statesman as well. Discounts and coupons were offered, as well as free food and giveaways, the article states.

"Sycamores Gone Wild" is the first time that the Sycamore Business Advisors have worked with the Statesman. In the past, the organization has offered consulting services for the newspaper. Art Sherwood, co-creator of the campaign and the professor overseeing the project, said students were able to gain hands-on experience working with the paper, as it is a real business.

"We're able to put students into the situations where they're making real decisions in real-time, and we're able to coach that," Sherwood said.

Sycamore Business Advisors is comprised of senior level business students at Indiana State University. According to its website, its goal is to aid small to midsize businesses through the development and management processes.

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