Indiana senator hopeful ramps up marketing efforts

The Club for Growth, a politically conservative organization with a focus on taxation and other economic issues, recently purchased TV airtime for marketing opportunities in Indianapolis, the Weekly Standard reports.

Ads were bought for Indiana senator hopeful and current state treasurer Richard Mourdock, as he attempts to overtake incumbent Republican Dick Lugar.

The ads were purchased for $273,000 and will run from March 26 to April 8, according to Politico. Marketing in Indianapolis is necessary for Mourdock, as he will attempt to dethrone Lugar from winning his seventh consecutive term.

In addition to Indianapolis, ads will run in Fort Wayne and South Bend. Recent polls show Mourdock within six points of Lugar following Lugar receiving an "unwanted" endorsement from former Pennsylvania senator Arlen Spector, the Standard reports. Spector is noted for switching parties after he lost his Republican primary in 2010.

Politico adds that the Club is willing to spend as much as $1.8 million on behalf of Mourdock. Some of those funds were funneled through by a $500,000 donation from South Carolina Senator Jim DeMint.

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