Cleveland Mavs shirt unites Cavs fans against Miami

The NBA Finals run of Lebron James' new team, the Miami Heat, has done nothing but rub salt in the wound of Cleveland Cavaliers fans who are still bitter over James' decision to leave the team.

Greg Vlosich, former Cleveland State Viking basketball player-turned graphic designer, is using his unique skills to gain retribution.

Vlosich's disdain for LeBron James was previously made apparent with his creation of a t-shirt which featured the words "Lyin' King." It used the font and design of Disney's animated movie "The Lion King," with James' face placed in the center.

His newest incarnation being marketed to fans is a simple Cleveland Cavaliers t-shirt with a twist. Vlosich substituted the "C" in "Cavs" with the "M" used in the logo of the Dallas Mavericks – the team squaring off against Miami in the NBA Finals.

"Clevelanders have kind of pulled together to root against him. That's kind of a neat thing," Vlosich tells NESN. "We're rooting as hard against them as we would for the Cavs."

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