What makes an ad go viral?

Researchers at Miami University of Ohio in Oxford recently attempted to determine which marketing techniques were most effective in making an online video go viral, Science Daily reports.

Published in the International Journal of Electronic Marketing and Retailing, head researcher James Coyle and his colleagues conducted surveys using two difference audience types – high-tech business-to-business users and people who sought consumer health information.

What they found was that increased product involvement was a significant predictor in the likelihood of sharing an online add. They also noted that "how much an ad made participants think of others in their social network also contributed to higher intentions for sharing," the news source points out.

This information could be utilized by businesses for marketing proposes, especially those that are using outdated techniques.

"The effectiveness of the 'create once, run everywhere' traditional marketing method is blunted by the expansion of media options that now include consumer-controlled media online and on mobile devices," researchers state in their report.

Speaking at the recent SXSW music and film festival SXSW in Austin, Texas, digital music entrepreneur Prerna Gupta laid out what she believed to be the six primary factors for creating a viral video – music, surprise, cuteness, humor, celebrity and showing some skin, Forbes reports.

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