Sears makes marketing local with Ohio pilot project

Sears is rolling out a pilot project in Ohio and several other states that aims to give its ecommerce marketing and consumer offers more of a local feel. notes that shoppers in South Dakota, Arizona, New York, San Francisco and Indiana are just a few of the locations included in the test run.

In a statement issued by the company, Imran Jooma (senior vice president and president of online, marketing, financial services and pricing business units) commented that the program would put more power in the hands of customers and give them increased access to local deals.

"Giving our customers new services and conveniences like a real-time window into the selection and savings specific to their nearby store is a great example of how the future of integrated shopping is here today at Sears," Jooma noted.

Those who use the website,, will be able to search the deals offered at the nearest Sears location and set their own filters to find better prices. Users will be able to read product comparisons, view ratings and reviews and also compile shopping lists that they can send to their mobile devices and share with their social networks and email contacts.

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