Chipotle advertising trades movie and computer screens for a silver one

On Sunday, a farmer shared the screen with this year's Grammy winners, as a short film/commercial for the chain restaurant Chipotle made its national television debut.

The short, which centers on the company's branding of "food with integrity" is set to a Willie Nelson cover of Coldplay's "Back to the Start." It depicts the cycle of a traditional farmer who gives industrial farming a try before reverting to his old ways.

When the commercial was first aired in late 2011, but was only shown on Chipotle's YouTube channel and in select movie theaters nationwide. According to a company press release, the video has garnered nearly 4.5 million views and in September was ranked as the eighth most-shared ad on YouTube. It was also voted to be among the top ten best commercials of 2011 by AdWeek.

Last year, when the ad first debuted, the chief development officer for Columbus marketing firm Weber Associates, Dan Dahlen, told The Chicago Tribune that this campaign was helping Chipotle "move to the adult's table."

"You have to eventually go on TV or some sort of mass media to keep your name top of mind and tell people what's happening," Dahlen told the newspaper. "You can include social media to do that, but you can't rely on social media to be your primary mode of communication."

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