Beatles song highlights appliance company’s ad campaign

Indianapolis-based appliance and electronics chain Hhgregg will use The Beatles' song "Help" to attract customers in its first national brand and advertising campaign.

The company hopes to lure consumers away from big market electronics stores such as Best Buy by underscoring the "Help" theme song with its focus on customer service, the Indianapolis Business Journal reports. The tune is used to reinforce Hhgregg's marketing claim that its seasoned sales force is more knowledgeable and helpful than the lower paid staff at larger chains.

"It's a pretty big deal," Andy Reismeyer, director of music licensing for Indianapolis-based CMG Worldwide, explains to the news source. "I mean, who's bigger than The Beatles?"

Reismeyer adds that that an iconic song like "Help" can grab consumers' attention, which is especially important for a retailer selling fairly emotionless products like appliances.

The New York Times reports that company sales were up 21.5 percent in the first three months of 2011, year-over-year. Hhgregg hopes to capitalize on the momentum with its ad campaign.

IBJ notes that the ads will run until the end of the year on TV, print, online and social media. They will air in the 15 states where Hhgregg's 173 stores are located.

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